MBR- Motor Body Repairs (Ergoweld & Dent Puller)

Ergoweld 14K

The Ergoweld 14K is spot welding equipment operating with medium frequency and water cooling which allows a maximum welding current up to 13000A. Very easy to handle, its possibilities will surprise you thanks to an extensive number of accessories.

Equally available to you is a large choice of welding tools:
  • Compact and ergonomic gun in X or C can attain a force up to 450daN at 5 bar
  • A light weight single and double spot welding gun designed for the single side welding or dent pulling

Supplied with a simple and intuitive interface machine, the training is very quick and you are assured of optimal performance here after. The Ergoweld 14K is using innovative and high performing software which is integrating a safeguard of your welding parameters and ensures easily updated thanks to a USB port situated in the front panel. The Ergoweld 14K does not need a particular electric installation: a 32A supply is sufficient.

Dent Puller M4

The MICROSPOT M4 is a type of dent pulling equipment for steel panels. Simple to use, it offers a number of accessories which facilitate your work, for optimized cost efficiency.

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