Cutters & Blades

Cutters & Blades

Symmetrical Blades:
  • Perfect guidance of the tips.
  • No vibration during dressing.
  • Diameter of the lens guaranteed circular Tol+-0,1mm.
 Quality improved.
  • Chip thickness controlled by AMDP design, not by clamping force of the welding gun.
Cost of the chips improved.

Outlet bowl chips:
- No hole through cutter: No jamming.
- Ejection of the chip without air blower.
  • Less investment. 
  • Less running costs.
  • Keep welding line capacity.

Longest Life:
Cutter : 60,000 Dressing Cycles
Set of Blades: 15,000 Dressing Cycles

Customer is already using competitor’s equipment? ?!
AMDP has the solution!

AMDP also offers AMDP Cutters for Competitor’s Tip dressers