Digital Weld Force GaugesĀ 

Digital Weld Force Gauges 

  • Measuring forces are digitally displayed successively.
  • To ensure accuracy, measured value is displayed per every half second based on the average value of sampling in 64times/sec.
  •  "HOLD" function allows any measured value to hold on in the display.
  • The unit can memorize maximum load during measurement and its value is displayed after measurement.
  • Auto-Zero reset function for easy operation without making zero adjustment.
  • Dry batteries (UM-3x2) are used for power source which support easy handling.
  • Auto-power off function for saving power consumption.
  • Alert of battery replacement is indicated in the display.
The model SP-255 is a handy type digital welding force gauge which can measure weld force applied between electrodes that is one of the three important conditions for the spot welding. The model measures the force applied and displays data on LCD by using high accurate sensor