Hydraulic Weld Force GaugesĀ 

Hydraulic Weld Force Gauges

  • Seven types of variations fitted to the weld force.
  • Unit of gauge by the international standard N (Newton).
  • Compact, light weight and easy handling.
  • Insulated body to protect from weld current even by mistake.
  • "Maximum Value Pointer" to hold at the maximum point.
  • SP-241N has a flexible neck bendable to U-form.
  • Carrying case is furnished for easy handling & storage. 
Model SP-231N is weld force gauge for measuring electrode force which is one of the important factors for spot welding. It is necessary to make precise control of electrode force for getting better result of welding. Sensor is closed and sealed hydraulic system and fabricated with insulation plate in order to prevent passage of electric current even when weld current is applied unexpectedly. High reliability of this gauge supports severe quality control.