Manual Spot Welding (Classic Gun)


Regardless of which welding jobs you need to master - steel or aluminum welding - with the classicGUN you are always relying on the right welding gun. Designed according to the modular principle, it simply adapts to your requirements. And if you ever happen to have very special requirements that are not covered by the existing modules, within the shortest time we will develop a manual welding gun for you that is perfectly matched to your task.

Simple handling and absolutely robust
The ergonomic and weight-optimized construction of the classicGUN makes work for your employees easy. A solid design and robust craftsmanship ensure that you can work with your classicGUN for many years to come - even when the materials and technology is put under heavy strain.


Modular system
We configure the classicGUN for you based on various modules so they perfectly match your requirements. The electrode arms made of CuCrZr or aluminum are assembled in accordance with the respective automobile standard. On top of that, we offer various rocker arms for different arm clearances. Get in touch: we'll be happy to advise you.

Solidity and durability
A robust and ergonomically designed handle, an extremely impact-resistant cladding made of aluminum, the housing made of high-strength aluminum alloy and a massive, low-wear bearing ensure that the classicGUN can be used for a long time with low maintenance. Furthermore, before delivery we promise to check each and every component for its durability.

Modern technology and precise execution
The choice is yours: Choose the alternating current or the modern medium-frequency technique. The smooth-running rotating assembly with high precision guide and locking device makes it easy for your employees to perform their work with great accuracy.