Multi Frame Gun


One plate and five modules create the basis for more than 1,000,000 version variants of the multiframeGUN. That makes it an absolute all rounder among robot guns. You simply tell us the production processes you want to use the multiframeGUN in and based on our multiframe modular building kit within the shortest possible time we will design the right C- or X-gun for you – in the highest quality and at an attractive price. That way, you profit immediately from our many years of design experience in the automobile industry. After all, that is what creates the basis for our powerful multiframeGUN modular component system. And what if you need an individual gun instead of a complete welding plant? We would be glad to realize that for you too. Let’s talk about it.

Modular all rounder that withstands highly-dynamic loads: die multiframeGUN Certified for highly-dynamic robots
Robots that work ever-faster put great demands in particular on welding gun retainer systems. The multiframeGUN is proven to be able to perfectly cope with them. After all, it has been certified as the only gun on the market up to now for operation on highly-dynamic robots. For you that means: With the multiframeGUN you are in an excellent position for current and future requirements.


Extremely slim design: perfect even for difficult to access welding work
The transformer, current bands and servodrive are completely integrated into the gun body which means that no bothersome parts stick out.

Greatest flexibility: Six interfaces for the link to the robot
Place the multiframeGUN wherever you want - top, bottom, rear or laterally on the robot. Everything is possible - and without separate consoles

Best price: made affordable with just a few, simple parts
Thanks to the limited number of parts we are able to produce your multiframeGUN cost-effectively and even the costs for maintenance and spare parts are low.

Highest efficiency: reduced gun weight makes the use of smaller robots possible 
The comparatively light guns can be moved quickly and lengthen the operating lives of the robots and guns.
modern medium-frequency technique. The smooth-running rotating assembly with high precision guide and locking device makes it easy for your employees to perform their work with great accuracy.