No other cap electrode can match Nitrode® for its cost-effective, high quality performance in resistance-welding applications. Luvata’s Nitrode cap is a cold-formed alloy of copper dispersion strengthened with Aluminium Oxide. It consistently outperforms copper chrome and copper chrome zirconium electrodes in resistance to annealing, consistent electrical conductivity, electrode life and maintenance costs.
  • Longer Weld life
  • No Sticking
  • No Mushrooming
  • Works on all Steels
  • Requires Less Energy
Nitrode requires lower current when used on both sides of the weldment. Current settings on your welder can be reduced by up to 10% from conventional settings, with no loss of weld quality Reduces Downtime.
  • Nitrode’s physical properties
Hardness at ambient temperature: Minimum 75 HRB
Conductivity: Minimum 75% IACS