Robotic Tip Dresser

Robotic Tip Dresser

Descriptions :

These dressers are mounted on a stand of a fixed height or of an adjustable height. They are made of :
  • 1 electric motor which drives the cutter in rotation
  • 1 dressing head which bears and drives the cutter
  • 1 electric control unit
  • 1 cutter rotation controller
  • 1 swarf bin of adjustable height
These dressers are designed to be used and to dialogue with a robot
controller unit.

  • Fast mounting and dismounting of the cutter on the dresser
  • Easy to integrate
  • Adjustable head every 90°
  • Very compact dressing head, which makes it possible to dress all types of guns
  • Adaptable and flexible product for each application
  • Recommended pressure of the gun on the cutter
  • 80 to 250 daN depending on the type of gun and electrodes


  • Cutter rotation controller
  • Gun current controller
  • Gun force controller
  • Optical « good dressing » controller
  • Spring loaded head
  • Swarf recuperation system