Z-Trode ( CuZr) 


The Luvata Z-Trode® cap electrode is cold-formed from CDA Alloy 15000 zirconium copper. The combination of advanced copper metallurgy and our cold-forming technology gives you an electrode that outperforms conventional electrodes.
  • Reduction or even elimination of weld Spatters
  • No Sticking
  • No Mushrooming
  • Requires Less Energy
In comparison to CuCrZr and CuCr alloys, Z-Trode requires lower current due to its higher electrical conductivity, when used on both sides of the weldment. This results in longer electrode life, more consistent welds and energy savings. Welder current settings can be reduced up to 20% from the conventional CuCrZr and CuCr settings, with no loss in weld integrity.
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Produces smooth Start-ups
  • Most Cost effective electrode
  • Z-Trode’s physical properties
All Z-Trode electrodes are cold worked and most items are fully cold formed to ensure the maximum possible amount of cold work. Result; Mechanical properties equivalent to conventional CuCrZr and CuCr electrodes, but with better electrical conductivity.
Hardness at ambient temperature: Minimum 65 HRB
Conductivity: Minimum 85% IACS